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Gingercake Specials corkballs

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Same thing as with the Rabbit, they all came in the same, big lot!

The first time I got my hands on a couple of new bottles of Gingercake Special... wow. A friend in the UK found them for me in a shop, brand new, on the shelf! 

I remember the moment like it was yesterday, got the video call when I was at Carp Zwolle, must've been 2018 if memory serves me right, and there was just a load of old, square glass Dave Thorpe bottles on the screen. As an obvious carp freak & flavour collector I got super excited, but then he pulled out more, and more, and more... Of course, we couldn't leave anything behind. We had to get it all.

There was a load of old Solar stuff, Nutra, and even Hutchy thrown in the mix as well. Got it all paid and a week later it was at my doorstep! Absolute legend mate ;-) Forever grateful!

Gingercake however is the complete opposite from Wild Rabbit, this ones like a tooty frootyish coca cola flavour. Like opening a fresh pot of Haribo's Happy Colas!


Attractor package:
Gingercake Special (Dave Thorpe)
Bunspice (SBS)
Cola (Hutchy)
Fruit Amino Compounds
LMPSE (Cotswold)


These are rolled on the best corkballs money can buy, specifically sourced in Portugal to get the smoothest finish.

Made in collaboration with good friend Salim @Dope Bait Company. Rolled on 12mm corks to get a finished product of 14-15mm.

Approx. 30 corkballs per tub. 


If you have any questions, please contact me on any of my social media pages, the contact page on the website or directly through email -