On Point hooks have been a labour of love over the last few years. Getting the right materials, sourcing the best, most reliable steel on the market, combined with pristine sharpness, was of absolute聽paramount importance.

And even then still, just sharp out of the pack wasn't enough. I have been hand-sharpening hooks for years now and, since doing so, learned a lot about how and when to use a non- or a hand-sharpened hook.聽

Finding the right balance for everyone, I came to conclusion I could only go for the option of both;

1: the 'regulars', which are really sharp straight out of the packet already, but ideal for fishing canals, rivers, big pits and rougher conditions.聽

2: the 'hand-sharpened' ones, which are all done by myself over here in Belgium, individually checked and hand sharpened to perfection. Covered with a tip protector for transport.

However, be warned, they will only last if you take care of the needle points!

If you are fishing out in rocky circumstances, on the big French pits, the Belgian canals or anywhere that contains a bit of flow, rubbish, rocks or whatever which could damage the very thin sharpened points, please be aware that the regulars will be the better option for you.

NOTE: as of November 2022, we have stopped selling our hand sharpened hooks due to our busy schedule. Sharpening hooks to perfection takes a bit of time to do and this is why we have currently stopped selling them.

All of On Point hooks are packed in euroslot bags and contain 10 hooks a pack.