Pop ups

Most of our pop-ups are so buoyant you'll need some putty to critically balance your rig. Even on heavy rigs like spinners/chods, they might require extra putty/balancing.
The 12-13mm version is buoyant enough to hold up most crude rigs, if you want to make sure your buoyancy stays the same for days on end, go for the 14-15mm version.
The reason why they're that buoyant is that they have to keep your rig in position for several hours/days/nights. When critically balanced, the rig should always act the same way. Other pop-ups that don't need any counterbalance will drop in buoyancy as the water goes in to them and as they tend to get heavier, the rig won't be fishing anymore as you'll end up with a wafter rather than a pop-up. Especially over weed this is crucial.
Test your chosen rig in the edge first!
Note: colors & buoyancy might vary slightly per batch of hookbaits rolled.