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Hawaiian Gold pop-ups

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Pineapple & Butyric Acid.
A classic combination used by a lot of companies. I wanted to switch things up however, and see what would happen if I would give it a 'Forgotten Flavours' twist...

With a lot of EA based flavours in the mix these pop-ups can be used with the utmost confidence year round. In winter they will be the difference between high attract leaking pop-ups (as there's so many alcohol based flavours involved) or a bland oily mess on the bottom which can't spread in the water layers leaving you up sitting behind the rods motionless!

Gave them a couple test runs in 2018 but they were very hard to roll. The strong base and the high volume I always tend to put in the mix completely ate the binders and it ended up in a crumbly pineapple cake which was impossible to form shape. Let alone boil or steam! Couple tests followed and I had it about right then, but not quite 100% happy so I planned not to release them at all. I just had to step up my game. I managed to get my head around the mix and keep the levels as high as I wanted them to be, hence why I can proudly release them now. (2019)

Although obviously a winter wonderland special, results from guys came back to me and they reported they caught on them all season - making this one their favourite of them all!


Attractor Package:
Pineapple Sunrise (Rod Hutchinson)
Ester Pineapple (Solar)
Mango Pineapple (Rod Hutchinson)
Mandarin Orange (Rod Hutchinson)
Hawaiian Compound (Rod Hutchinson)
Fruit Sense Appeal (Rod Hutchinson)
Fizz Appetite Stimulator (Rod Hutchinson)
NHDC liquid/powder


Check buoyancy of your rig and critically balance where needed.


12-13mm - 100ml tub.
14-15mm - 150ml tub. 

If you have any questions, please contact me on any of my social media pages, the contact page on the website or directly through email -