Hutchy Collection

A true pioneer in the sport that we may call carp fishing today.
The absolute best in the business and leader in the carp industry since before we were born!聽

That is indeed - Rod Hutchinson... A man to look up to, what we call a legend in our sport.聽

I had the chance to collaborate with Rod Hutchinson Benelux who were kind enough to accept the design I had made. Finally I got some apparel printed to bring back the olden golden classic design which I got redrawn, by a picture I received from Rod's daughter, Kathy.

Through the Horseshoe Hutchinson memorial weekend, I was able to get both Monstercrab and Scopex flavour in original, untouched state from Rod's own garage where he kept them safely locked up, for a rainy day.. as an extra touch Kitty kindly gave me some of Rod's own Rich Strawberry he had hidden away as well, which I of course accepted.聽

In this collection you can see what a year's worth of work has brought to the table which is now finally available to you all.

Thank you Rod Hutchinson x Forgotten Flavours fanatics. <3