Since the launch of Forgotten Flavours, many tackle shops have asked us if we could do a specific, shop range only. So, after many conversations with countless flavourists, we were able to get our hands on some insanely attractive blends, exclusive to us. This is how the Forgotten Flavours Shop range was born - the rest is history!



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Shop range pop-ups and hookbait sprays will only be exclusively available through verified distributors.

 Squid Octoa spin off our original Squid pop-ups we do. Slightly more vivid and with extra added Thymol, Linalool, & Thrimethylamine this Squid flavour is as pungent as one gets.

Combined with a good punch of Black Pepper essential oils it quite literally takes your breath away. As far as powders go we have added Full Fat GLM & a Squid powdered palatant. Subtle, washed out pinky purple with a big bang!

Fizz Bizz: if you've been familiar with our products from the beginning this name might ring a bell. However on this occassion we have renewed the complete blend and the outcome has been astonishing; with flavours like Orange oil, Tangerine, Lemon & other tangy fruits, it's quite the Fizz Frenzy you might be after. With added dried zest from the actual fruits itself, like orange, watermelon, lime, tangerines, and others, this one is perfect to start off your spring season!

Mulberrywell, what we think will be the headliner of the Shop range, Mulberry. This Mulberry contains a natural fruit compound, a Mulberry flavour which is very rich in taste and smell, and a esprit of Mulberries which will blow your mind! This will be certainly my main go-to pop-up for the upcoming years. A lovely washed out golden orange with added powdered fruit stimulants complete this thing of beauty.

Monstercraba natural crab attractor which has been proven for many years. However we have added natural crushed up Crab to give the hookbait extra taste and flavour. If you're a sucker for salty fishy flavours this will be the one for you. The most subtle in the range being red in color, which is a color that's well underused nowadays, can't miss out in your armoury.

Icecreamif you happen to have been lucky enough to witness the FW Dynamite Milk & Icecream pop-ups from back in the day, I can assure you, we have smashed it on this one. With natural Vanilla pods crushed up inside the mix and a lovely, food grade Icecream powder, quite the throwback to the '90s. Finally, with the added N-Butyric-Acid & Triacetin based Scopex, a cold killer which shouldn't miss in your armoury.