NEXT DROP 2022 - 11/11/22


After more than 2 years I can finally present to you.. Forgotten Flavours corkballs. 
Countless of batches ended up in the bin, but gradually, eventually we found a mix that had it all.
These are rolled on the best corkballs money can buy, specifically sourced to get the smoothest finish.
Made in collaboration with good friend Salim @Dope Bait Company over here in Belgium. Rolled on 12mm Portuguese corks, finished on Shilhams blades to get a finished product of 14-15mm. 

Approx. 30 corkballs per tub. 
Forgotten Flavours corkballs are best when attached with a bait screw.
As stands with any of my hookbaits - once gone, they are indeed that! I'll try to get in a few drops worth of each, but don't take my word for it...
Note: colors might vary per batch of hookbaits rolled.