Bespoke orders

Since the start of Forgotten Flavours, I've always done custom jobs, and still do. I appreciate every single individual who comes up to me with their own requirements, which - sometimes - we can tweak and end up with a very specific, unique hookbait.

Chili Crab

Not only have we done custom, rather small jobs, we have also got quite a few companies who order hookbaits from us on a regular basis. So if your company is in desperate need of a quality pop-up, wafter or hookbait, you can let us know in the contact form.


We also do custom corkballs, however, this is quite time consuming and might take a few weeks to complete considering backorders.

DT N-blend

Custom corkballs

Custom orders usually start from five tubs in 1 same diameter, in the same color, with the same flavour profile. So for example, if you want:

5 tubs of purple pop-ups with tigernut, fenugreek, black pepper, DMPT, betaine, whatever, in 14-15mm, flavour X, this is a possibility starting from 5 tubs at €19,99 a pot.

Large, company based orders, for your custom requirements send us an inquiry to: please.