Whatever boilies I’ve used in the past or present, I have never been completely satisfied with the hookbaits that complement the freebies, so I’ve always rolled my own.

However, with limited time on my hands nowadays I was looking for some ‘top notch’ custom hookbaits and seeing what Dieter has on offer, it was a no brainer!

With their classic, oldskool flavours and cool modern twist Dieter has created some of the
finest hookbaits in todays’ carp scene (dare I say modern day classics) and to have these in your armoury is a massive game changer.

The pop ups are perfect for my angling, with a nice firm squidgy texture, making them ideal to use with bait screws.
No matter how big the cast I
know the baits are staying on and if the fish are not playing ball and I decide to leave my rods out for a few days on the spots, I have no doubt my hookbaits
are still working as perfectly as when they first hit the lake bed.

Swaylie J. Cox - U.K.


In all the years that I have been fishing for carp, I have been looking for hookbaits to differentiate myself from the other anglers at the lake.

I finally found what I was looking for with Dieter. His pop ups & wafters differ significantly from those of his competitors, regardless of whether it is the composition of the flavour, the colors or the buoyancy that lasts for hours.

I was also convinced that the variety of its products allows me to adapt to the conditions on the water, regardless of whether it concerns the size of the bait, or that I have the option of offering my favorites among the flavours as pop up or wafter. It goes without saying that with Dieter you can tell that he loves what he does and that he expends the same energy that he puts into his products to satisfy his customers in terms of quality, service and shipping.

Karsten Beiderwellen - Germany


The first time I heard about Forgotten Flavours was the Carpology article that I found incredibly fascinating! I’ve been fishing since I was a child, catching anything that came along but when I hooked my first carp, an 8.13lb common on floating crust in 1984, I have been totally obsessed ever since.

I had a look at the website and was able to purchase a few pots of what was available, I have virtually every hook bait in the range, not because I’m a sucker for nostalgia but because they work!
I now use FF hookbaits exclusively and in the last year have smashed my PB’s in France (61.15) and the UK (48.10). The UK PB was the biggest fish on a new syndicate and the first time I fished it in March this year (13mm tutti).

Whatever you go for you know it’s something special and different from anything on the market today.

All the best,

Andy Simmons - U.K.


After ordering about a dozen different tubs over a few occasions I can only say I’m very impressed by the quality, consistency and service Dieter delivers. The pop ups are perfectly round, extremely buoyant and boy do they smell and catch!

I’ve caught a lot of fish on them right from the start and I would never want anything else. Dieter is a perfectionist with a passion for carp and carp angling and that definitely shines through in his bait. The fact that he is a genuine nice guy and that shipping times are very short only adds to the positive experience. Keep it up man!

Robbe Craeninckx - Belgium


Dieter's pop ups are outstanding! I was always sceptical about offering a single hookbait, especially on waters where feeding is not allowed or in winter. However, with Forgotten Flavours I have had consistent success. Even when there was a lot of pressure on the water and no one was catching, these rare and unusual flavours often produced a bite.

The combination of so many different flavours make these pop-ups and wafters smell incredibly complex, something I have not found with any other manufacturer. The buoyancy of the pop-ups is also unlike anything else currently available on the market. After 12 hours, there has been no change.

With Dieters baits you simply have a piece of history, a lot of honest craftsmanship and very convincing baits in your hands.

Marek Mönkedieck - Germany


Hi Dieter

Today I've received my first order with you / Forgotten Flavours.
Wow..... I'm really impressed!! The quality, the finish, the exclusivity, the hand-written comment, all of it is simply beyond any expectations.

Well done:-) Keep up the good work.
I can only recommend you and your business in the Danish carp society.

S.C.L. - Denmark


I am a lay-low kind of guy. My fishing is quite discrete and i like to remain independent.

It will rarely happen that i speak out for a specific brand, but for once I will.

In the first place Forgotten Flavours takes me back more than a quarter of a century to the time where flavours were not mass products but dedicated bait ingredients.

Dieter definitely produces the the quality I've always been looking for since.

On Point end tackle is the perfect addition to the bait. It gives me the edge to fish better and detail my rigs just that extra bit.

No need to look any further, get your FF and OP, you'll know why when fishing.

Frederik Boterberg - Belgium