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Since a couple of years now, I've been sharpening hooks, especially when fishing pop-ups. To decrease the chances of a spat out hook, and leaving your rods motionless, fishing as sharp as possible is of paramount importance.
 On Point out the packOn Point hand sharpened
The first time I came in contact with extreme sharpening was when we were at the local Belgian canal, fishing bright pop-ups in clear patches of sand between the milfoil weed and lillies.  
Fishing for these fish was quite tricky. The boats passing constantly throughout the day didn't make things easier as it constantly moved around all the debris, making it harder to get on the clear patches we were fishing.
On Point clear patch canalOn Point milfoil weed
The way we were able to get so close to these fish, was just unreal.
For us it was just a carpy heaven, watching them in their habitat, cruising around, moving off and coming back, it was just the best carp experience ever.
At one point, when I was on my belly on the concrete with my head just about over the edge looking into the gin clear water of the canal, there was a rather long common, cruising around. My rods were close to me, tips were back off the edge to make sure not to spook them while they came in. Slacklining and even backleading to make sure the carp wouldn't get spooked.
Anyway this long common comes in, and it was like it flipped a switch. Swam straight to me, right over my hookbait, nearly touched the concrete and turned its body, flapping his/hers tail as close as it could to the concrete. To me, watching it live, mind boggling. It felt like the carp wanted to feel or check if there was a line coming into the canal from up close. Honestly, couldn't make it up, crazy!
On Point concrete jungleOn Point Concrete jungle canal fishing carp Belgium
As weeks progress, the carp eventually moved off and split back into smaller groups. Lessons learned; sharp hooks, leave 'em be, small - bright hookbaits & again, sharp hooks! The idea about hand sharpened hooks and just generally really sharp, strong hooks right out the pack came there and then. So, after creating Forgotten Flavours, it eventually was time to get up and graft even harder, to now, creating 'On Point'! 
On Point is a start-up company, fresh and fruity, delivering outstanding service, with the best hooks and terminal tackle available.
As we are relatively small in between the big dogs, we are able to connect with our customers better than anyone out there, providing a quick, sound delivery and if there might be an issue with your order, we are always here to help.
Thank you, 
Forgotten Flavours & On Point
On Point concrete canal jungle belgium carp fishingOn Point carp fishing concrete canalOn Point carp fishing belgium canalOn Point carp fishing concrete jungle canal BelgiumOn Point carp fishing belgium canal