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UPDATE 6/01/2023

*** FIND US IN HALL 1 - STAND 142 ***

We are thrilled to announce we will be attending to the biggest show in Europe for the first time!

After 3 long years, the shows not only moved from Zwolle to 's Hertogenbosch but also gotten bigger and we're now pleased to be a part of it.



We will bring a brand new, unreleased FLAVOUR RANGE to the show, with many Forgotten Favourites from the past.
Inspired by the old Dave Thorpe bottles, I'm sure there will be a flavour you'll recognize which will take you right back to memory lane.
*[until stock lasts]


We will have deals on pop-ups, wafters and all sorts hookbaits of the Forgotten Flavours chain.
We will have deals on Terminal Tackle, hooks, and all sorts of the On Point end tackle chain.


We will be accompanied by our team, so you can expect the likes and experiences of no less than Raf Bertels, Kurt Van Cauwenbergh and Kris Pauwels.
To add to this list we will have a lot of our oldskool friends joining us on the show, so if you want to have a chat, come visit us!

UPDATE 9 - 30/11/2022

Wow! It's been a while since we last made an update. Quite a bit has happened in 2022, and we are definitely here to stay! We are currently in the last phase of 2022 and are IN-SA-NELY busy, thanks to you all! We work hard to give you guys the best carp fishing experience. On top of our day jobs, we work overtime to get everything round to you as quick as we possibly can. 

Now, to get into it a bit, we are doing our first carp show in 2023 - and it's the biggest of them all. Carp Den Bosch will have an extra participant next year and it's us. We're here to stay and stamp our brand in the scene!

See you guys there!

UPDATE 8- 11/01/2022

Welcome to the new year everyone! Best fishes and I hope we can leave a positive impact onto the angling community in 2022.
On to better and bigger fish on the bank!

After 3 months of very intense, extremely hard work - yes, I do work another job aside from FF & OP (I know, crazy) - we were finally able to catch up from the first of January onwards. So many new items coming!

We are going to be adding a new hook pattern to our range Q1 2022, our steel will now be updated on all hooks to Vanadium steel & furthermore we are constantly working on both brands. 2022 is looking bright!

What's interesting for you guys right now:

There's a drop planned for 21/01/2022.

Products that will be dropped:


CarpFeeling x Forgotten Flavours Banana collab - orange - 15mm

Scopex Squid pop-ups in 10mm in five! colors (orange, white, pink, yellow, brown)

Scopex Squid wafters pink barrels & 20mm round, fishmeal brown wafters

Peach pop-ups in white, in 3 diameters. 10, 12, 15mm.

Chili Crabs LTD - 14-15mm only

Pink bubblegum in 3 diameters. 10, 12, 15mm.

Gingercake Special (DT) corkballs

Wild Rabbit (DT) corkballs

and restock of many other items!


See you on the drop!



UPDATE 7- 15/11/2021


After a successful spring, summer and autumn, we're slowly getting into winter. We have done quite a few drops this year which have all been successful. The Forgotten Flavours army is still growing every day - thank you guys!

As the colder temperatures creep up onto us and the sun sets so early, and when the leaves are rapidly falling, we know, it's time to sit back, reflect, and make plans for the upcoming season ahead. I'm glad for everything we have been able to achieve over the last 2 years, I understand it's been quite the challenge for all of us! 

Stay strong, love eachother and peace out, till next time



UPDATE 6 - 14/05/2021

After a first successful drop in April, we're back for the final spring drop. 

Meaning, tonight is the last chance to get your Mulbs & Redes before they sell out till autumn later this year.

See you tonight boys!

Thank you,


UPDATE 5 - 25/04/2021

I am so glad to say, we are back on track, doing the Forgotten Flavours thing.

What I am even more excited about, is the new brand we set up here in Belgium. From scratch, our ideas to work out 'On Point' were to take the same approach as with Forgotten Flavours, being unique, in it's own way and right.

Although I do understand there is a over saturated market, I think we can still find our way into this just like we did with FF, with quality over quantity, and especially, with labor of love, all being done over here in Belgium.

Our goal is not to compete with the big dogs, but instead, get into the tackle boxes of high profile anglers who prefer the rather small, distinctive approach to carp fishing. No fancy colors, just the basics and quality of quantity, again, just like with FF.

In the mad world we currently -and unfortunately!- still live in, our customer base being at least 80% UK, aqcuiring this all throughout the hiccups, Covid and rough circumstances all around the world, we are sooo proud to finally announce we can launch the first of May!

Sharpening hooks and high quality terminal tackle has been pretty much a standard in my tackle box, fishing extremely tight swims on snaggy pits or rough canals over here in Belgium.
The extra trigger to start 'On Point' really came when my better half insisted we should do it and we made the dream into a reality.

I am no stranger to sharpening hooks myself, and when I saw the extreme new rules coming into play from the 1st of January, I knew, basically unknown, but with a gut-feeling predicting the future a bit, Belgium and Europe needed an extra high end tackle brand. Our tackle shops are getting emptier by the day!

So, without further a do, On Point is launching 1.05.2021 | 6.30pm EU | 5.30pm UK.

This same evening, we will also drop Redesmere Specials, Mulberry and re-stocking all foodbait corkballs.

These are dropping 1.05.2021 | 7pm EU | 6pm UK.

Link to pop-ups click here

Note: Redes & Mulbs will get 2 drops in May, because we can't process all orders in one week otherwise. 2nd drop will be 14th of May.

See you at the drop ;-)


UPDATE 4 - 5/03/2021

Nearly all parcels got delivered within a week (for those abroad). Local deliveries within 24hrs of purchase (if ordered on working days), so I am glad we are back. Thank you for your continuous support. I am hungry for 2021, there's a fire lit in my belly and I can't wait to show you guys!



About 90% of parcels to the UK have been delivered within 2 weeks of purchase. So I suppose we're back on track!

Keep in mind that parcels with a value of about +- €150 will get stung with custom duties and import tax, which calculates to quite a considerable amount. Unfortunately this is out of my control and I can't take any responsibility for this, although I will always try my absolute best to make sure this doesn't happen... :-)



First parcels to the UK have been delivered, others are still on their way somewhere between Holland and the UK. 

Covid, Brexit, and the weather aren't in favour of our couriers. 

You can follow your parcel with your tracking number sent to your email address on the ParcelForce website as well:

As soon as it lands in the UK you'll be able to follow it from there. 🙂👍🏻



We are currently back on track with all orders worldwide. 
If you are in the UK, the situation is still quite unstable for now but I am positive this will change in the near future.


Hi Forgotten Flavours fanatics and all fans around the globe,

First of all, thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being friendly, being a constant support. You guys were there and were ready to talk about anything carp or non-carp related. <3


Second of all, I am writing this part of the page with mixed feelings. 
Together, we have grown so much as a brand, as a icon, a symbol. Without any single one of you I couldn't have done what I did and I wouldn't be standing where I'm standing now. That's just the truth. 

Covid played quite a big role in all of our lives last year, but together, once again, we made it through. We finished the year on a high being the Hutchie collab. We did it! 2020 was finished and that would be that.

Until... There was very complicated rules regarding in and export from the EU to the UK and vice versa. 

All major couriers in Belgium and I'm sure in other countries as well are working around the clock to solve the mysteries and making sure all of our parcels get back and forth again to the Kingdom. 

As it stands, we can't send anything to the UK currently. As soon as this changes, we will start shipping out all the outstanding parcels. Don't worry, if you ordered in between the 30th of December 2020 and today, I have your parcel here, safely guarded. All your chosen products are in your box, I am just waiting on the couriers to get a breakthrough. 
So, if you want any Forgotten Flavours products and you live in the UK, you can order, but please be aware, it won't get shipped straight away like you're used to.

There might be hiccups along the way, and customs might or might not hold it. Currently we have no clue what's about to happen. I had one parcel that was sent the 29th of December of last year, which got deliverd fine... but as it stands, I just can't get anything out to you guys. I'm sorry.

As soon as it changes, and positive news can be brought to you guys, I'll notify you through email if you're subscribed to our newsletter.


Thank you for your continuous support,

Forgotten Flavours