Curve hook - On Point - Forgotten Flavours
Curve hook - On Point - Forgotten Flavours & On Point
Curve hook - On Point - Forgotten Flavours & On Point
Curve hook - On Point - Forgotten Flavours & On Point

Curve hook - On Point

On Point
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On Point Curve hooks are a supreme choice of pattern to fish all kinds of rigs, but due to it's wide & curved gape, lends itself ideal to fish rigs like the D-rig, 360 rig, and snowman rigs fished blowback style in combination with a On Point kicker or line aligner.

If you are in doubt of a Curved hook, look no further - this is the one! Unlike many others, our Curves don't have a inturned eye, optimizing the use of fluorocarbon for example when fishing stiff (D) rigs. This way, they don't create a weak point where the eye of the hook could possibly damage the hooklink material as it rubs up and down.


On Point Curve hooks are:

PTFE coated
High quality, needle sharp
Fabricated from high carbon steel
Made in Europe


All of our hooks are available in a regular or a hand-sharpened version. If you're out for one bite, fishing with pop-ups or when you're fussy about fishing as sharp as you possibly can, go with the sharpened version!

However, be warned, they will only last if you take care of the needle points. The sharpened hooks are done by myself here at home, individually checked and point protected for transport and rough environments. 

If you are fishing out in rocky circumstances, on the big French pits, the Belgian canals or anywhere that contains a bit of flow, rubbish, rocks or whatever which could damage the very thin sharpened points, please be aware that the regulars will be the better option for you.

All of On Point hooks are packed in euroslot bags and contain 10 hooks a pack.