Pop-up corn (floating) - On Point - Forgotten Flavours

Pop-up corn (floating) - On Point

On Point
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On Point Pop-up corn is a super buoyant imitation sweetcorn, mimicking the corn scattered on your spot or used as toppers on pop-ups, wafters or boilies. 

Flavoured corns have been around for ages, but we've decided to take the opposite approach, making sure these can be used over anything, with anything. They have been soaking in a specific Forgotten Flavours compound which I've made to suit these.

The liquid attractors contain various amino acids, essential oils and appetite stimulants. 

Available in yellow, pink & orange. 10pcs/pack.


All ‘On Point’ terminal tackle is:

Only made from the highest grade materials available, which features black teflon anti-glare properties to increase performance and maximize camouflage.

‘Tried and trusted, for your peace of mind.’